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Sales staff
My Ha: 0983572642
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  Founded in 2008, An Tri Viet Company Limited (ATV Co.., Ltd.) operates with the mission of providing products, goods and best service to bring more benefits to our customers in the electricity industry - Automation - Measurement - Control.
With the motto: "Providing smart solutions" are given top priority, we are committed to provide you the service, the best product.


ATV Co.., Ltd. is a convergence of engineering staff enthusiastic and experienced graduates from prestigious universitis such as University of Technology, University of Technical Education, University of Industry, ...
We have successfully participated in many major projects in the field: The overall utility of Industrial Parks, fertilizer - chemical, cement, water - water treatment, food - beverage, plastics, packaging, building control, telecommunication cable, power cable, ...
Headquarters of ATV Co., Ltd. is located in Tan Binh District, the administrative center of Ho Chi Minh City about 10 minutes away, convenient for all customer transactions with the company.
  Office systems and equipment work are standards, ensuring employees have the best working conditions to serve our customers.
ATV Co.., Ltd. focuses activities in the following industries:
  - Design and build electrical system medium-voltage, low-voltage, self distribution, self drivers for the factories, factories;
- The overall solutions for Industrial Park: energy management, water treatment, power supply systems, lighting, Low voltage cabinets, ...
  - Design, integrated solutions for measurement, automation in industry. The PLC control system, HMI, SCADA, DCS, ...
- Design and installation of industrial weight product, scale, balance tank, batch weight, test weight, packaging machines, conveyor scales, weighbridge car, ...
- Maintenance service and upgrade the old system. Installation, operation and transfer of new technology systems. Linking training power systems;
- Design, supply and installation of building management systems (BMS), smart home technology (Smart Home), safety and security System (Sercurity System);
- Installation of clean energy: solar power, wind power, biomass power.
ATV Co.., Ltd. provides customers with the following performance criteria:
- The optimal solution of the economic and technical;
- Products and servies are the best quality;
- Implementation time is fastest;
- Saving costs for the customers;

- The most considerate service;

- After sales service is the best.